They Lived Once / Tar Sàndor

"Father ,are we poor people?

We are my boy. Not really, but a little bit.

And why?

I don't even know.

Because we've been stolen?

What did people steal us?

I don't know. Kàràsz Tibi told me that we are so poor that even a mouse would starve to death at our place.

Kàràsz Tibi is an idiot"

(Tar Sàndor, from "Slow Loading")


Tar Sàndor's work recall disillusioned persons, dreamers of a better destiny, clumsy human beings... from the beginning to the end his writing is true, genuine, essential.


Pierre Sartenaer and Andrea Bardos will interpret three novels (The promiseIt's your turn and Slow loading). As for a wireless transmission, the actors are both narrator and the novel's characters.


Those tragicomical novels talk about "border" children whose despair and misery has put them at the edge of society.


The play will be accompanied and sustained by some of Mahler's lieder (Kindertotenlieder and Das Knaben Wunderhorn) adapted and arranged by the pianist Nathalie Alessi                 


Production BiancoNero 2015


Andrea Bardos - Pierre Sartenaer*/Viktor Nagy         Actors

Nathalie Alessi                                                               Pianist

Eva Enyedi                                                                      Dramatist



24/02/2015 @ Hungarian CC, Brussels


*Pierre Sartenaer plays in the French version of the play.


* 27 Nov. 2016 @ La Tricoterie


 *21/05/2017 @ Marilène Moretto. More info here.