BiancoNero was created in 2008 by a group of passionate musicians and artists whose need and priority was to work together without constraints of time on operas they love.


Their aim is to analyse and develop pieces from a historical point of view creating bridges with other artistic media in order to amplify and enrich the underlying meaning of the piece, thus opening up a poetical dialogue.


Schoenberg’s Pierrot Lunaire served as a first attempt of this statement. It contrasted the “romantic” instrumental writing with a revolutionary form and an unusual, controversial and absolutely innovative way of using voices.

The images of Eric De Kuyper‘s film reinforced and accentuated the expressiveness of the piece instead of its virtuosity.





Adelheid Sieuw / flute

Eliot Lawson / violin

Jeannot Gillis / violin

Manuela Bucher / viola

Emmanuel Suys / clarinet

Corentin Dellicour / cello

Nathalie Alessi / piano

Guy Vandromme / direction,piano

Maja Jantar / aristic production

Leni Van Goidsenhoven / assistant director

Cécile Broché / violin,electronics

Eric De Kuyper / film maker

Lorenzo Càrola / baritone

Lucy Grauman / contralto

Hanna Bardos-Feltoronyi / mezzo soprano

Kathri Hietarinta-Zonnekein /  artistic production

Johan Bossers / piano

Andrea Bardos / actrice; artistic production