Rikadla / Leos Janacek

A performance full of fantasy spinning a new story from old Moravic fairy tales. 


Two sisters growing up together, dream about love, life, their future, but life has its twists, will love and the sister bond withstand all? Is somebody waiting for them on the other side? 


The performance moves between joyfulness and melancholy, a milk bath filled with fairy tales and poetry... everything is possible, everything is allowed.

Direction and concept Maja Jantar  
Music dramaturgy Nathalie Alessi, Maja Jantar  
Voices Hanna Bardos-Feltoronyi, Sandra Nazé, Sarah Verhoeven
Musicians Jeannot Gillis (violin), Emmanuel Suys (clarinet), Nathalie Alessi (piano)  
Scenography Satu Peltoniemi
Director's assistant and assistant of dramaturgy  Leni Van Goidsenhoven
Images video Winke Noppen
Light and projection Koen Goossens


In collaboration with Pantalone and Erik de Kuyper


Production BiancoNero 2010




Festival Van Vlaanderen Gent

De Maalbeek

Czech Centre Brussels