La Boite à Joujoux - Claude Debussy


A long time ago, Claude Debussy wrote for his daughter Emma La Boite à joujoux (1913), the story of a toybox that comes to life. A hundred years later, the actor Jurgen Delnaet translates it in a contemporary story full of dolls with human characters and lots of joyfulness.


The screens for the projection are part of the scenography and lead the public through a world made of live music, words and pictures that harmoniously work together.

On Debussy's music a dialogue with new elements is instaured: a well built story, a metaphor between ancient and modern.

Dramaturgy and acting  Jurgen Delnaet
Video  Richard Dols
Music  Claude Debussy
Piano  Guy Vandromme 

Thanks to Hanneke Reiziger, +6



Het Paleis

Klara4kids 2013,  Antwerpen